PharmaClinix Lightenex Gold Serum 30ml
PharmaClinix Lightenex Gold Serum 30ml
PharmaClinix Lightenex Gold Serum 30ml
PharmaClinix Lightenex Gold Serum 30ml
PharmaClinix Lightenex Gold Serum 30ml
PharmaClinix Lightenex Gold Serum 30ml

PharmaClinix Lightenex Gold Serum 30ml

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What are the main benefits & what can it help with?

New advanced formulation! This antioxidant loaded serum works to brighten the most resistant areas of hyperpigmentation on the face and body.

Brighten areas of resistant hyperpigmentation with PharmaClinix Lightenex Gold Serum 30ml, now available at Face the Future Advanced Skin Clinic and Online Shop. 

New Advanced Formulation!

Maximum professional strength skin brightening to treat hyperpigmentation and melasma in Asian, African & Ethnic skins, without the use of Hydroquinone.

Professional strength active ingredients including; Alpha Arbutin, Beta Arbutin, Mandelic acid, Kojic acid, Glycolic acid, Vitamin C, Dioic acid, Niacinamide, L-Lactic acid, Retinaldehyde, Glucosamine, Salicylic acid, Liquorice exrract and Vitamin E.

This high potency skin lightening serum works to tackle the most resistant areas of hyperpigmentation. The maximum concentration clinically proven ingredients target the melanocytes to inhibit the production of melanin.

Kojic Acid and Azaleic Acid lighten dark areas of skin, while Phytic Acid chelates copper in the skin (copper is an essential part of the enzyme tyrosinase, which means melanin). A blend of both Salicylic and Glycolic Acids gently exfoliate for a smoother skin surface, while enhancing the absorption of the skin lightening ingredients.

Vitamin C, Ferulic Acid and mixed Tocopherols, all powerful antioxidants, defend the skin against free radicals, preventing further pigmentation from forming.

The potent formula can be used on the face, as well as thick, dark areas of skin on the body, including the knees, elbows and underarms.

IMPORTANT: When using this serum on the face please massage into clean dry skin on alternate nights i.e. 3 nights a week. You can increase this by one night a week so that by week 5 it is being used every night. This allows skin to develop tolerance to this strong serum and prevent irritation. PharmaClinix Sunblockex SPF 50 is mandatory.

When used on the body it can be used every night from the first week.

Shake well before use.

Please note: although there may be variations in packaging, the PharmaClinix Lightenex Gold Serum ingredients and formulation are the same.

Benefits of PharmaClinix Lightenex Gold Serum 30ml:

  • Inhibits the production of melanin
  • A blend of powerful ingredients lighten dark spots
  • Antioxidants defend the skin against harmful free radicals
  • Suitable for most skin types
  • Hydroquinone free

How to use:

Shake well before use, apply two hours before going to bed on cleansed face. It is essential to wear a broad-spectrum SPF 50 during the day to prevent the harmful UVA & UVB rays from darkening the skin.

For the Face: At first, apply PharmaClinix Lightenex Gold Serum on alternate nights. In the second week, increase it to 4 times a week, in the third week, apply five times a week, and then apply every night from fourth week onwards.

Massage vigorously into the skin until you feel stinging or tingling of the skin. This subsides within 2 minutes and ensures that the actives have penetrated the skin.

For the Body:

PharmaClinix Lightenex Gold can be used every night from the first week.

Caution: Never use the PharmaClinix Lightenex Gold Serum during the day.

Not suitable for sensitive skin. Do not use in pregnancy. Please note that the skin will look darker after 2-3 weeks. This will return to normal when old skin has shed.

Size: 30ml

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